When I start writing anything I have always the problem – in Polish or in English. Some of the topics are easier to write in Polish, especially when the topic is related to the typical Polish issues, e.g. language tricks or some local customs. About many other topics it is easier write in English, esp. about those related to the matters completely unknown in Poland or topics that I have learned while living outside of Poland. Therefore, my major problem when I was starting this blog was – Polish or English. One of my high school colleagues, Janusz, suggested completely Polish solution. His suggestion was great for my old classmates and family in Poland, but what about my colleagues with whom I was living in Papua New Guinea, China, or Middle East? I do not wish to cut them out. I wish to be in touch with them also. Thus the optimal option would be a mixed blog with some entries in Polish and some in English. And this is how this blog will be written from now on. In order to distinguish them each entry will be assigned to one of the categories “Polskie wpisy” or “English posts”.