Over the years my personal web site went through many changes and locations. The original web site was created around 1993 as a bunch of “ancient html” pages using frames and tables. This web site was located on the server of my former university in Poland. After surviving a number of changes in the style as well as server maintenance events I was forced to move out of this server. Well, this decision was justified as I was no longer faculty of this university. Then the web site has moved to one of the free web site hosting servers. The amount of advertising placed on my web pages was overwhelming so I decided to move elsewhere, and elsewhere, and elsewhere. In last few years I was busy as an assistant dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at New York University of Technology. Thus I had to discontinue temporary my web site and concentrate on the administrative work and writing my new book(s). See the web site for my books majewski.wordpress.com.  Finally, in 2013 my personal web site was located on my family server and I have to start from scratch. This is where I am today – on June 21, 2014.

Looking back I have a lot of good, bad or interesting memories, a lot of ideas that were waiting years to be written down, and I have fresh start. I do not plan to make everything in a perfect time order. This is impossible after more than 20 years rambling through the world and being exposed to different situations, events, people and ideas. For these reasons I treat this web site as a completely random diary. However, if you are interested in a particular topic or time or place you can always search this web site or go through categories (see the side categories panel or the tag cloud).